Reliable Power Line Network Control Solutions for Irrigation, Lighting, and Custom Design Services
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Web-Based Irrigation and Lighting Control

Control and monitor your irrigation system over the internet using a SiteController from Bibaja plus a web browser, including iPad and iPhone. The SiteController provides internet accesible monitoring and remote control for large landscape irrigation systems including residential properties, corporate office parks, athletic fields, parks, and more. Also great for greenhouse and agricultural applications.

SiteController for Irrigation and Landscape Lighting

Use your internet enabled cellphone as a convenient remote control when you are outside testing the system. No more need to carry around additional remote controls.

Add a flow meter and receive immediate e-mail or SMS notification when a pipe breaks. Our alerts help you keep water on your plants instead of down the storm drain.

Protect your landscape investment with the SiteController.

Use any irrigation zone plus a relay to control lighting. Built-in solar calendar allows scheduling lighting based on sunrise and sunset times. Save energy and turn on lights or pumps for fountains only when needed.